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About Us

Jonathan Chase & Jane Bregazzi

Jane Bregazzi founded Osis Training in 2002 as a sole business to provide Hypnosis Training with Jonathan Chase "Britain's Leading Hypnotist" Mail on Sunday

In 2004 the company was incorporated as Academy of Hypnotic Arts to offer Direct Suggestion Hypnosis as a way of using Jonathan's techniques on stage in a Remedial space. Over the next 14 yrs Jon and Jane trained thousands of Hypnotists worldwide.

Much of their innovative work in the Hypnotic arena can be found here as online training, in the shape of personal teaching.

Experts in the field of the subconscious mind, Jon and Jane are carrying on their exploration of just what makes us tick in their LifeStyle business model 'SubSkills Training', where their psychometric tool is available for free, to test your subconscious strength and put it to real use in your business and life.
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About Us

What Others Are Saying

“ I love the content of this training and the delivery. I have completed just two courses of the bundle and have had some super fast results with clients.”

Dawn Rowley - Clinical HypnotherapistDawn Rowley - Clinical Hypnotherapist

“Dynamic and motivatingly inspiring”

Michael Grant - Mentalist, Magician, HypnotistMichael Grant - Mentalist, Magician, Hypnotist

“Hey yall, Jon LOVE the DIY induction but I used it a little different. I did it with symbolism and BAM. I wish I had videoed it. Her face at the beginning just changed by the end. How do you come up with this stuff?”

Steve SheldonSteve Sheldon

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