Advanced Hypnosis Tutorials The Complete Hypnotist bundle

The Complete Hypnotist Tutorial Library over 9.5 hrs £510 save £170

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These hour long video tutorials with Q&As, were recorded live to Jonathan Chases Original Focus group. Giving the benefit of his years of experience and knowledge, and getting to the heart of rapid interventions, covering everything from his amazing Symbolism Technique (the original content free 'Silver Bullet') to applying it and other best hypnotic practice methods that Jonathan has found to work best, fast and effectively.

Each tutorial gives you a better understanding of how mind's can be changed and effective help can be given easily, so that you become confident and knowledgeable and above all effective.

"Phenomenal - This is, by far, the best training for hypnotherapy. I'm already getting referrals and I've increased my fee's. I'm excited for the first time in a year after graduating from a traditional hypnotherapy school. Fantastic!"
Jeanne Romansky

Advanced Hypnosis Tutorials The Complete Hypnotist bundle includes these courses

Hypnotic Symbolism
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The Easy Way to Remove Fears and Phobias
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Direct Suggestion & the 'Move It' Technique
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Addictions Tutorial
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Subconscious Communication Tutorial
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Hypnotically working with groups
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