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Addicts are now told that they are suffering disease or mental illness, which justifies the need for therapy but negates their responsibility and often their desire and ability to beat it.

Find out the 5 methods I use to help people overcome their addictions simply and easily in this video tutorial

CHOICE All Addictions start with choice, unless born with a physical addiction.

SPEED becoming addicted - Most do not work at first bite you need multiple exposure

DRUGS Addictive drugs involve neurological receptors and muscle memory.

BEHAVIOURS Gambling, porn etc are 80% emotional 20% social.

Jonathan Chase
Jonathan Chase
Coach, Hypnotist, Author, EDUTAINER

About the instructor

With over 30 years experience in Hypnosis and it's allied arts, I've co-Founded the World Renowned Academy of Hypnotic Arts. Because I'm passionate about empowering success orientated people, your talents and performance, my target is helping you to subconsciously succeed. And to do all that hypnotically and simply.

I teach fast, fun and effective hypnotic methods that I have innovated and are unique to my teaching style which people have travelled from all corners of the world to train in with me and the Hypnoart's brand. Now you don't have to with this online, interactive, suite of courses and tutorials.

I am honoured to have been Awarded a 'Command Performance' for my Fundraising work on stage by the National CIU and have in my long and privileged career gained the respect of the public and media.

"Britain's Leading Hypnotist" Mail on Sunday

"Master Hypnotist" Sunday Times Magazine

"Your Mind is in Safe Hands" Central TV

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