Starve the Monster

A Powerful Process To Kill Your Addiction Thinking

If you’re a professional looking at stopping; and reclaiming your life, then this video tutorial of the book Starve The Monster by addiction expert, Hugh Quigley PhD, reveals how you can kill your addiction thinking. This is a unique opportunity to have this PROVEN functional addiction authority take you by the hand and:

  • See Your Future More Clearly
  • Take Charge Of Your Life
  • Gain Peace Of Mind !

Most of what you need is strategy, instruction, and encouragement from someone who has “been there and done that!” Hugh Quigley is a hands-on expert on the subject of reclaiming your life and in this video he shares with us the advice, techniques and strategies every Professional who uses can and must develop in order to kill your addiction thinking.

“Believing you can get clean, is as easy as believing you’re hooked.”
Hugh Quigley Phd

Hugh Quigley
Hugh Quigley
Partner Author

About Hugh Quigley

Hugh Quigley is an expert in ending what he calls functional using, and whose accomplishments include: a Bsc (Hons) Psychology, a PhD in Philosophy, an MEd in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy and a Distinguished Certificate in Counselling Psychology & Therapy

Hugh Is a Drug and Alcohol Counsellor with HURT London-Derry Northern Ireland, a Consultant in Development Training for Organisations all across Ireland, and runs a Private practice using hypnosis, psychotherapy and counselling.

What's included?

13 Videos

Hugh will take you through a process that has come from a personal and caring perspective. Functional to dysfunctional users will benefit from this, giving you simple ways which once implemented will put you back in control. Get this tutorial NOW!

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