Svengali System

More Profit More Pleasure and More Time to Play?

Most people have no idea how to Communicate Hypnotically

Jonathan Chase's Svengali System teaches you how you can become more Influential easily to get More Profit, More Pleasure and More Time to Play

The Start with Mind Svengali System is Jonathan Chase's take on using Hypnotic Influence skills. 

This 12 month recorded audio, video and live video classes programme, honed and fine tuned over a decade - we show you what works because we've used it...

"I purchased your Svengali System years ago. That was a very powerful program worth much more than the cost. The Svengali System is wonderful! I have spent thousands of dollars on marketing systems that aren't as effective as The Svengali System. It is great for novices to advanced marketers and persuaders!" Ben Walden Professional Training and Coaching @BenWaldenesq

You have found all this and more with your Svengali System, the easy way to Hypnotically Influence People

  • Enhance people’s life experience so they return the favour
  • Make people feel good around you so they give you what you need
  • People buy off people they know like and trust
  • Word of mouth is the best marketing
  • It feels good to steer others to feel good


“I have seen so much successful influence around me using the amazing techniques in Jon's course. Once he began leading me through the Svengali System he exceeded my expectations. I believe that with this course you will be able to demonstrate at really high levels of influence around yourself in every area of your life. Get out there and use it. You can improve your life with this course” (the late) Jeffrey Stephens - Hypnotist


"I've known many Hypnosis people in my time, having some training myself on the subject makes it easy to spot the good stuff from the quacks. Some people put on a show and some people show you the way. Jonathan Chase is one of the people that show you the way.

One of my favourite parts about Svengali, which is an exercise I have never seen anybody do, is how to achieve core rapport (rapport with oneself). This simple exercise will most likely be responsible for more happiness and success in your endeavours than a small fortune in self help books that offer nothing but theory. In my opinion nothing beats personal experience.

The course is jam packed with persuasion techniques you won't find anywhere else that are becoming extremely helpful when dealing with clients, specially new ones. The great thing about all this in my experience is that even without consciously using the techniques there is a vibe, an air about you that makes you magnetic, now that is something you can't buy anywhere."

David Carreno (Hollywood CA - @DavidCarreno)

How Do I Get This Programme?
This programme is unlocked for you monthly so that you have time to listen and take action before the next class.

The Videos are delivered once a day over a week and the extra Live Video recordings are also delivered daily over a week.
This forms a year schedule of learning for you to absorb in your own time and at your own pace. Buy it annually and it will be unlocked.
Jonathan Chase
Jonathan Chase
Coach, Hypnotist, Author, EDUTAINER

About the instructor

With over 30 years experience in Hypnosis and it's allied arts, I've co-Founded the World Renowned Academy of Hypnotic Arts. Because I'm passionate about empowering success orientated people, your talents and performance, my target is helping you to subconsciously succeed. And to do all that hypnotically and simply.

I teach fast, fun and effective hypnotic methods that I have innovated and are unique to my teaching style which people have travelled from all corners of the world to train in with me and the Hypnoart's brand. Now you don't have to with this online, interactive, suite of courses and tutorials.

I am honoured to have been Awarded a 'Command Performance' for my Fundraising work on stage by the National CIU and have in my long and privileged career gained the respect of the public and media.

"Britain's Leading Hypnotist" Mail on Sunday

"Master Hypnotist" Sunday Times Magazine

"Your Mind is in Safe Hands" Central TV

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What do you get?

37 Videos
5 Texts
3 PDFs
23 Audios

What You'll Learn

Become More Hypnotically Influential to get
More Profit, More Pleasure 
and More Time to Play

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